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What's the XBRL Award?

The mission of this event is to actively promote the XBRL standards, therefore XBRL Belgium organizes a competition with the aim of rewarding students who ended their training to become a bachelor, master or doctor with a work related to the standard “eXtensible Business Reporting Language”.

The following works qualify for participation: theses and graduation projects (for instance: business solutions, IT-applications) which contribute to the use of XBRL in Belgium. Another condition for participation is that the work must be prepared during the academic years 2013-2014, 2014-2015 or 2015-2016.

The reward for the competition's winner is 4.000 euro. The remaining four finalists receive each 250 euro. Participation to the competition is only possible under sponsorship of one of the members of XBRL Belgium of which the list is here available. Other practical modalities can be find in the rules (of the competition (only available in French or in Dutch).






Organisation: le XBRL Belgium Award Committee

This initiative is led by an organization committee ( the “XBRL Belgium Award Committee”) under the control of the Board of Directors of XBRL Belgium VZW.


The Award Committee undertakes the following activities:

    • Planning and organization of the contest;
    • Setting the rules of contest;
    • Communicating to schools and other parties;
    • Composing the Jury and evaluating activities;
    • Organizing the awards ceremony.




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